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I bought an arrangement of Hotline Games G Pro/G203 Competition feet to use on a Ultralight Pro. That left me with an additional middle ring that fits the G305 consummately, which is marvelous on the grounds that that is the one piece that I was left finished in the wake of swapping the stock feet for the G1 feetĀ gaming mouse usage help

Does anybody know about a respectable arrangement of feet cushions to get for the M65? I obtained the Hotline mark from eBay and the quality is wretched. In the wake of peeling off the cement cover, it was amazingly smooth for a little while. In any case, any presentation to dampness I’ve seen makes the elastic material wear away and fall apart. I have little shreds of elastic from the cushions stuck on my aluminum mouse cushion after any gaming session. Super irritating to get out as I have to wipe off the cushion with high temp water or liquor.

I used to have Logitech MX 510 for an extremely lengthy timespan, cleaned the microswitches no less than twice and abbreviated the link as the twist in the packaging caused association issues.